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Video Shooting

Your expert for video production in Munich


As a passionate videographer in Munich, my core concern is to bring stories to life visually. Whether it's impressive video clips, gripping interviews or presentations, my focus is always on capturing the essence of a story and tailoring it to the target audience.


When it comes to video production in Munich, in-depth consideration of the client's objectives is paramount. A deep understanding of the message to be conveyed and the target audience is the be-all and end-all for me, which guides the entire production process - from meticulous planning to the exact realization of every scene.


For video clips and short films in particular, I work closely with the creative team to realize the scripts in a visually stunning way. The focus is on capturing emotions and creating a captivating visual story to deeply move the audience.

For me, quality in a video shoot means creating an atmosphere that allows for authentic conversations in interviews while capturing the subtle expressions of the subject to communicate a powerful message.


For online presences, from websites to social media, I create engaging videos that are target group-oriented and platform-specific. Using creative video editing techniques and captivating imagery, I strive to create content that goes far beyond expectations by captivating, educating and making a lasting impression on viewers.

Photographer Michael Wenzel with camera during a video shoot in Munich

Video Shooting Short

5 second video

Video shooting media

10 second video

Street Video Shooting Munich
Studio film production Munich

Video shoot long

15 second video

Video shooting media

30-60 second video

Street Video Shooting Munich
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