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Welcome to my website!

Are you looking for a private photographer or do you intend to present yourself online with photos and videos? 

Do you need support in presenting your products online, or would you like to convey messages in short videos through social media?

Yes? Then you are exactly right with me!

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About me

As a passionate photographer in Munich, I have spent my days both professionally and privately in the world of photography and videography for over a decade. During my twenty-year career in sales and online marketing, I've learned how crucial high-quality photography and videography are for digital success. In today's world, compelling photos and videos are essential to stand out on social media, websites or online stores.


With years of experience as an advertising photographer, I offer extensive expertise in the creation of visual content. In the field of portrait and boudoir photography, I have a special flair that enables me to create unique and expressive images.

It is always my aim to impress clients with my professional work and excellent image quality and to win them over in the long term. I constantly keep my specialist knowledge up to date by regularly attending specialist seminars and further training courses in order to follow the rapidly developing trends in photography and videography and also to set trends myself.


Whether for private purposes or professional photo shoots, you will hardly ever find me without my camera. Every moment, be it in my free time exploring the picturesque mountain landscapes or at work, is captured by me with dedication and an eye for the extraordinary.

Why clients choose me

They book me because of my unique ability to transform moments into timeless works of art. My talent for capturing emotions and stories in a single image makes me an exceptional artist behind the lens. My strength lies in not just taking pictures, but creating moments that come alive when you look at them.


What clients receive when they book me goes far beyond mere photography. They receive a customized experience that reflects their individual needs and vision. I take the time to get to know my clients, understand their stories and turn them into a visual message. Whether it's advertising photography, portraits or commercial projects, my photos and videos tell stories that touch and impress.


My use of the latest technologies guarantees you, the customer, a product of first-class quality. You can look forward to professional shots that will exceed your expectations. Experience with me the magic of photography on a new level.


Your photographer Michael Wenzel

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