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Welcome to my website!

Are you looking for a private photographer or do you intend to present yourself online with photos and videos? 

Do you need support in presenting your products online, or would you like to convey messages in short videos through social media?

Yes? Then you are exactly right with me!

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About me

My name is Michael Wenzel, I live in Munich and have been passionate about photography and videography for over 10 years, both professionally and privately. In my job, the focus is still on sales and marketing, where online marketing has an ever-increasing share. 

Only with very good photos and videos you can score nowadays on websites, in online stores and social media.  

Through my profession and my love for nature, I also developed a love for photography and film, my first shots took place in the countryside back then.This steadily evolved to portrait and product photography as well as film shoots for videos. Today, you can hardly find me without my camera equipment, whether in my free time, which I often spend with my family in the mountains, or simply during a walk in the park. So I always get inspired anew and capture the great moments that nature and people have to offer.

By using the latest technologies, it is possible for me to provide you with an absolutely first-class product. You can look forward to professional and high quality photographs. 

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